Baby Balloon Letter Sculptures

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Baby Balloon Letter Sculptures


Price $225 Each
A Special Drive Thru Baby Celebration deserves an Extraordinary Letters Balloon Sculptures!

Exclusive 5ft Tall, Elegant Artistic Letters Balloon Sculptures on a large scale to give the WOW effect to your favorite person!

It’s STUNNING! #BalloonSculptures #DriveByBalloonDecor #BalloonYardNumbers #Drive-thruCelebrations

Great for any Drive-Thru Celebrations, Gender Reveal Party, Welcome Baby Home, Baby Shower, Graduations, Engagement, Weddings or as a Party Decoration near a sweet table or as a Photo Backdrop for an additional impact.

Order Online, Customized it and Celebrate!

Delivered Right to your Door! with @balloonsforeverything

  • *Customize the color of your Balloon Art Decor:
  • Write the word you want on your Balloon Sculptures:
    • 175 $ / Total cost of the word!
    Write the number you want on your Balloon Sculptures:
    • 175 $ / Total cost of the number!
    Add comments about your decoration:
    *Free Removal!
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  • Our work is 100% manual, we make Balloon Art and we appreciate your tip!

    • 5 $ Additional!

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Material:  Latex and foil balloons are 100% biodegradable.


Float time may vary based on temperature, environment and handling. Hi-Float sealant is included and applied to any helium filled latex balloon bouquet order.

If used indoors, we guarantee the following float times the latex balloons with helium have a duration of approx. 8 hours, we guarantee its durability of 48hrs or more. Microfoil or metallic balloons will last more than 7 days, depending on weather conditions and treatment.

Balloons used outdoors are not guaranteed to last any specific amount of time as the sun, heat, wind, rain, etc., affects the lifespan of the balloons.


Our Bouquets must be ordered at least 3 days in advance, if you want from one day to another you must confirm availability. Call (708)573-4830. We do not have a fixed delivery time. You should only choose if you want the morning shift from 8.00am to 12.00pm or late night from 1.00pm to 9.00pm. We cannot indicate an estimated delivery time, it would be at the corresponding time you have chosen. (If you want to indicate relevant information regarding the delivery, please notify us to reach an agreement) for example you are at work until 7.00pm, if the schedule is available the delivery will be made.

Special delivery times can be arranged for an additional fee before placing your order by calling (708)573.4830.

Substitution Policy:

Balloons for Everything strives to use the same balloon designs that are illustrated on the site, but there may be exceptions. Below are the substitution guidelines used:

1) Large mylar shaped balloons — licensed characters.Exceptions: We may substitute with an alternate design of the same licensed character.

2) Mylar balloons of 18in-20in size.
Exceptions: Designs of the same theme may be substituted if (Design may vary) is part of the product description.

3) Licensed Bubble Balloons.
Exceptions: We may substitute with designs of the same message or theme.

4) Personalized 18in balloons.
Exceptions: Personalized name/age 18in mylar balloon designs may vary.

5) Latex Specialty Prints (Animals, Flowers, Agates, Birthday Prints, etc.
Exceptions: Agate patterns will vary, but colors will not be substituted.

In cases where we must deviate from these guidelines we will contact you for approval. If we are unable to reach you we will proceed with the delivery using the best substitution available.

Cancellations and FAQs:

All orders are final and non-refundable.

Delivery time can only be modified based on availability.

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